Our senses absorb wonder and beauty as we nourish our soul to overflowing. In this blog, I will share things that nourish my soul. I find wonder in many places in my life; music, books, nature, people, art, travel, food, passion, creativity and much more. In sharing these sources of wonder with others, my hope is to spread the feeling of pure, innocent joy felt in the hearts of those who truly absorb the wonder. Fill your cup, pass it on, then fill another and so on . . .

Sunday, June 12, 2011

サガキケイタ OfficialSite

サガキケイタ OfficialSite I am most intrigued by the work of Sagaki Keita. Born in Ishikawa, Japan in 1984, he lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. You can also check out his blog.

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